Geospatial Analytics and Cartographic Design


Software: Adobe Illustrator, ArcGIS Desktop, ENVI, Leaflet, Mapbox, QGIS

Programming Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Shell Scripting, R, SQL

Database Technologies: MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, Oracle, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, Redis


May 2019 Professional Science Master’s in GISTemple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 2004 Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (

November 2018 - Present, Research Assistant

* Downloaded and organized satellite imagery of the study area from multiple sources

* Used ENVI to evaluate the quality, clarity, and cloud cover of potential images

* Stacked images from different bands to create one image containing multiple bands of data using R

* Applied R scripts to normalize, mask clouds, and mosaic multiple images

The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, PA (

October 2015 - January 2018, Linux System Administrator

* Consolidated legacy virtualization environments into VMware vSphere 6.5 with vSAN

* Installed and managed Oracle 12c for a scientific application

* Configured and updated Ansible Playbooks to manage base configuration of Linux servers

* Managed a 6 node EMC Isilon consisting of over 700TB of storage

* Migrated a 432 CPU HPC Cluster from Rocks Cluster Manager, CentOS 6.5, and Sun Grid Engine to Bright Cluster

Manager, CentOS 7, and Slurm Workload Manager

* Managed fibre channel, SAS, and iSCSI SAN storage from Dell, Fujitsu and ACNC

* Managed redundant Sonicwall firewalls, HP switches, and Pulse Secure VPN

* Decommissioned a legacy Openstack cluster and migrated services to VMware

* Supervised migrating all services out of a legacy Server Room

* Implemented a tape-based Isilon backup system using a Crossroads Strongbox

* In-person and email-based support for Scientific users

Telvue Corporation, Mount Laurel, NJ (

July 2013 - October 2015, Devops Engineer

* Collaborated with developers to plan improvements to existing Chef workflow

* Designed and managed a high-availability data center network

* Created a high-availability cluster of Juniper SRX550 firewalls

* Researched and implemented a 3 node EMC Isilon for fast access to HD video

* Managed a Linux KVM infrastructure of 60 Virtual Machines across 4 hypervisors

* Migrated Virtual Machines into an oVirt install running on a 4 node HP Bladesystem

* Supported a diverse Multicast IPTV network including equipment from Harmonic, Elemental Technologies, Wowza, and

internal tools

* Provisioned and managed HLS, RTMP, and Silverlight streams with Akamai

* Managed a cluster of 5 Elemental Live transcoders