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Integration of Earth Observations for Decision Making on Biodiversity Management and Conservation in Colombia: Consolidation of the Colombian Biodiversity Observation Network

Earth Observations data and products represent great potential for understanding, managing, and conserving biodiversity. The ability of decision makers to translate this vast amount of data into information for practical decisions is constrained by differences in data structures, sources, and formats and the complexity of operations necessary for data assimilation, merging, analysis, and interpretation.

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image project

Vichada Project

Agricultural and extractive activities are two of the main drivers of land change worldwide. The global stock of well-located arable land is scarce, exacerbated by urbanization, infrastructure development, soil degradation, decreasing water availability and shifting agro-climatic conditions.

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Sustainability variations in Mexico City Metropolitan Area 2000-2018

Urban sustainability in megacities metropolitan areas have become a central concern in the context of global environmental change. Population growth and urban expansion have exacerbated socio-environmental problems placing megacities on the edge of sustainability. Mexico City Metropolitan Area (MCMA) is one of the biggest human agglomeration on earth and a great example of socio-economic attributes. This research aims to study land cover/ land use changes occurred in MCMA during the last two decades, using remote sensing analysis to foreseen variations on sustainability. Land use change and variations on sustainability are key processes that must be linked for a deeper understanding towards an urban sustainable scenarios. Deep understanding of the processes of change is crucial for stopping and reverting undesirable land use changes and sustainability issues and its triggering forces.

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